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The Crystal Orb: Great for Indoor and Outdoor Events.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor events, The Crystal orb (RGBW- LED) is our most versatile event lighting balloon. Offering full color or bright white output capabilities, it provides specific theming and branding options. This innovative light easily bridges the gap between event lighting and event decor.

Note: The spherical envelope sizes range from 4, 5ft, 6.5ft in diameter.

Crystal Orb Light Technical Specs:

There are a wide variety of themed covers for our balloon lights to help enhance the decorative motif for many different types of events:

Light Source: 300 W RGBW LED
Luminous Flux: RGB LED 4300lm/ CW LED 21,000lm
+ Max Power for Each Circuit: RGB 140 W- CW 120 W
+ Max Power Consumption: 300W
+ Power Supply 120v
+ Shape: Sphere
+ Weight 20lbs
+ Wind Resistance: up to 25mph
+ Ingress Protection: IP 54