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Our Dance Floor modular systems combine excellent quality and a neutral appearance which are perfect for events, weddings, parties, indoors and outdoors. These floors come in White, Oak, Black & White & Teak options.

Not only do the colors and patterns look great in any environment, the 100% vinyl commercial finish will assure you that color won’t fade and modules won’t break apart.


+ Lightweight and easily Portable- only 18lbs per 3×3 panel
+ All-weather surface- 100% Water resistant / designed for indoor & outdoor use
+ Industrial Grade Top- Easy to clean and maintain
+ Quick Installation- Simply snap together to form any size- No tools required
+ PowerLock Interlocking Technology- Panels stay connected
+ No Walk Technology-Ensures your floor stays put throughout your event.

We have the perfect dance floors for you, so whether your event is inside or out, we have you covered.