Ceiling Draping is a great way to transform a ceiling from basic to breathtaking. There are various forms of ceiling draping to choose from, and two of the most commonly used are the Starburst and the Swooping patterns.

These patterns are a very elegant way of transforming any ceiling. These designs can turn a large empty room into a soft and intimate space.  Essentially, they create more of a wide spread canopy apearance due to the fabric being fully extended.


Backdrop Draping: Backdrops are typically the focal point of the room; they require a more full appearance, and usually, a larger quantity of fabric is used compared to room or wall draping.

Add a Valance: In addition, for more dimension and appeal consider adding a valance-a soft flow of fabric that hangs naturally from the top of the backdrop. Many different looks can be achieved by incorporating a single or even a double valance.

Add Curtains: For a different look altogether, consider adding curtains to the basic backdrop which is achieved by incorporating a second layer over the first layer of fabric and then gathered for a more multi-dimensional effect.


There are many reasons why room draping can be beneficial to a design. It can change the look and feel of any room, creating a more intimate and softer affair. In addition, it can alter the size and shape of a space as well as hide unsightly objects while creating an intimate ambiance.

Pricing: The price for room draping is calculated on a linear foot basis and not by the square footage. Depending on the complexity and fullness of the design, pricing will vary.

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