Brookstown Inn

We love transforming event spaces and on this particular occasion we set out to change the look of one of our favorite places, The Historic Brookstown Inn, located in downtown Winston Salem, NC.

The key elements included: Lighting, Draping and a little love. As for draping, White Ivory Crushed Sheer was used not only on the perimeter of the room but also suspended over the dance floor in addition to the columns that divide the middle of the space.

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Revolution Mill

Although we have provided lighting at Revolution Mill Studios countless times in the past, we have never actually had the opportunity to light the outside of the venue. On this particular day, we were able to pull off this lighting feat without getting wet. The rain held off long enough for us to successfully complete this undertaking.

Our client was looking for the right touch of yellow-gold to make the brick façade glow and by adding a half dozen of … Read More