Introduction to Lighting

When it comes to room and space transformation, lighting is key. It changes the mood and the overall dynamics of any space. So, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, a little light does go a long way.


LED Uplighting is a great way to add more dimension and depth to your event space, adding a splash of color really brings the décor and venue together. Our lights are completely customizable. In fact, up to 16 million shades and variation of colors. On a side note, LED Uplights compared to traditional lighting fixtures, do not get hot; therefore, they will not cause damage to furniture, décor, draping and most of all they safe around your guests.


String Lights create a magical glow while adding the perfect touch to any event. We offer an array of Edison/ Cafe string lighting options. To learn more, please contact us today.


This product is a great way to light any area that needs virtually needs illuminating. Compact, lightweight, wireless, these lights are perfect for highlighting décor such as seating areas and floral centerpieces.


The Mini & Max Wireless lamps are beautifully designed to blend into any level of table-scape and to perfectly highlight everything from high-top and auction tables to fancy culinary displays.

Perfect for high-top tables when 360 lighting is needed but very low profile. In addition, the mini lamps can be installed into a décor element such as a candle lantern. The 360 radiation of this type of light is perfect; it mimics the regular light bulb.


The Wireless Light Bulb is an all-in-one battery powered LED fixture that is specifically designed to imitate the warm 360 degree radiating light of a traditional incandescent light bulb.


Perfect for any event, the Festoon is a décor string lighting system that replicates the feel of vintage event lighting.

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