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String Lighting

Great for all occasions and festive gatherings, Triad Event Sound & Lighting has the perfect commercial grade string lights for you. Whether it’s for your wedding, party or special event, we have the best Indoor and Outdoor String Lights for all your event needs. We offer LED String Lights as well as the Classic Vintage String Lights for those of you looking for that Edison Bulb feel. In addition, our popular Globe String Lights offer a nice solution for all event and wedding needs.

Benefits of Commercial Grade String Lighting

Key Features:

  • Water and Weather Proof Sockets which are formulated PVC that creates a tight seal around the bulb. Perfect for outdoor events. Inclement weather? No Problem.
  • Heavy Gage Wire. Gauge refers to thickness. The lower the number, the thicker the wire and the more amps one can typically run. We offer between 14-16 gauge. Standard is between 18-20 Gauge.
  • Longer Runs. With the lower Gauge wire equals longer lighting installation runs. In addition, when using the LED bulb options, they can run even greater distance.
  • Professional Look. Not all string lights are created equally. Many clients just want to same professional look they see at their favorite bar/restaurant patio area. Now, you can too have these designer lights with commercial grade string lights.