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When transforming an event space, LED wireless Uplighting is one of the best ways to add more depth and dimension to any room. By raising the bar and increasing the WOW Factor, not only will you amaze your guests, but also your imagery (photos & videos) will POP.

Completely customizable, these LED lights can be controlled through a wireless network receiver. With the capability to generate its own WIFI network, these lights can be used anywhere with out the need of internet or hotspot. For example: During an event, you want to change the color from Amber to Aqua Green of 36 lights instantly, well, that can be done simply and effortlessly. With a press of a button, it’s done. Talk about ingenuity.

So, depending on the mood and feel of your room…whether it’s a bright bursting with color feel or a more low-key subtle look, wireless LED Uplighting truly brings the décor and venue together.

To Note: LED Uplights compared to traditional PAR lighting fixtures, don’t get hot; therefore, they will not cause damage to furniture, décor, draping and most of all they safe around your guests.